My latest book – “Wake Up: The Happy Brain” tops the Amazon Bestseller’s List!

‘Wake Up: The Happy Brain’ is filled with stories of hope and trust with unique messages and secrets, this makes it a beautiful gift for someone who wants to take control of their life and move ahead for a better existence with healthy choices. There is a world of possibilities available to readers and the stories of conscious healing provide solutions they may need in their journey.

I’m proud to be a part of the bestselling book “Wake Up – A Woman’s Guide to Transformation, Prosperity, and Health” which is Amazon’s #1 Bestseller.

“Wake Up: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation, Prosperity, and Health!” [2018], edited by Steven E Schmitt, is a wonderful collection of 29 women authors specifically conceived and designed to give you, the reader, as wide a range of unique perspectives from a woman’s point of view.

Essentially this is a practical workbook about how women from around the world have, in their own unique way, overcome tragedy, life-threatening illness, emotional despair, divorce, and much more to achieve transformation, prosperity, and health. We believe it will provide a comprehensive insight into how women have transformed themselves. In fact, I guarantee that there is literally something for everyone, from healthy eating, sexual well-being, and trauma relief.

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