Our bodies are pure energy at their core. Every cell in your body communicates through electrical signals. The flow of these signals control our brain waves, heart rhythm, nervous system, and the way our cells react to good and bad substances. And, it all impacts the energy that surrounds the body—The Morphogenic Field. The Morphogenic Field, or M-field, is an extension of the nervous system’s energy field.

Our philosophy and procedure is unlike any other in the health care realm. It does not depend upon chemistry. It depends upon physics. Morphogenic Field Technique is a practical application of the science of quantum physics as pertains to the body, used to identify health challenges and find health solutions. Rather than using blood “chemistry” to guide a “chemical intervention”, the science of physics is used to match the energy signature (their M-Field) of the person to the energy signature of the totally natural recommendation (nutritional, herbal homeopathic and essential oils remedies).

Cellular communication is the key to success. Healthy cells are required for healthy tissues. Healthy tissues lead to healthy organs. Healthy organs make up a healthy body. We address the exact nutritional needs at the cell level to affect the greatest change in health.

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