I have had holistic care since I was a child with some of the most noted practitioners in the U.S. I have to say that Dr. Bridget blows me away with her skill set and understanding of the body’s needs. I look forward to many years to come of guidance from her and her team.

~ R. K.

You can just tell that Bridget really cares.

~ J. S.

Our family was referred to Improved Wellness after years of migraines, allergies and overall wellness. Our 16 year old son Luke has been suffering from migraines and seasonal allergies for over 12 years, he has been in and out of neurology as well as ENT for the last 7 years, MRI’s every year as well as trigger point injections every 6-8 weeks for migraine/tension relief. As Luke’s grown older he has been very resistant to injections as well as pain medication, frankly he refuses to put it in his body and we can’t blame him it was changing who he was. After meeting Bridget we had some answers within an hour, after the first 4 weeks he was a different kid. Almost pain free 10 months later. The methods that were used to find underlying causes of his migraines and pain were do to food intolerance, mainly dairy. We’d been poisoning him daily with 2-3 glasses of milk since the age of 4, we were told it was the best thing to give them after sporting events. He’d missed a few days of school every month due to these migraines. Bridget was able to work with him to help him find a balance by removing triggers in his diet until we narrowed it down to the main factor. Our 14 year old daughter Reese was also experiencing flu like symptoms as well as mono symptoms for over 6 months. We were told by doctors to cut out sports and have her rest. This was not an option for her, come to find out she had an egg intolerance and was unable to digest protein. After working with Bridget the first week she was seeing results, she no longer had a fever spiking, abdominal cramping and vomiting. Her lymph nodes have finally went back to normal after months of pain from the tenderness and swelling. Her body was screaming for help and we felt helpless, it has been amazing the progress we’ve made. To have our children feeling normal again, functioning like a happy go lucky teenager is the best feeling in the world. We are so grateful we were referred to Improved Wellness, you truly feel like family the moment you walk in the door. You’re not just a number, they take the time to listen and truly research for a cure or a reason. Our family has learned so much this past year on how to take care of ourselves, we owe so much of that to Bridget.

~ M. A.

“Before I came to Dr. Bridget, I had been experiencing gut issues for about 6 years. I spent some time in Ghana in 2012, and my gut never seemed to recover. I went to the MD to try and figure out what was wrong. They administered blood and stool sample tests, and nothing would come up with the answers – so I just dealt with it. Slowly but surely, I could tell my body was getting worse. I could no longer handle dairy, developed seasonal allergies and pet dander allergies, and eventually couldn’t handle eggs any longer as well. That’s when I first came to see Dr. Bridget. Within 20 minutes of being with me, she determined I had a couple different types of parasites living within me (likely from when I was in Ghana), and I was on my road to recovery. Armed with her suggestions of natural remedies to rid me of my parasites, supplements to improve my digestion, and new diet restrictions to reduce inflammation, I began my journey to better health. After living with parasites that robbed me of my nutrients and dealing the anxiety of not knowing the source of my discomfort for 6 years, I felt like myself again after just 6 months.”

~ J. L.